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RondaRouseyMainPhoto Credit: Facebook

As recently as 2011, UFC president Dana White said there would never be women competing in the league. Fast forward to today and Ronda Rousey is the most feared fighter inside the Octagon and the most admired beyond it. The mixed martial artist has broken through the world of ultimate fighting to become the next pop culture icon.

The public doesn't love Rousey just for her armbar submission hold, although that does help. The fighter's unyielding competitiveness and strong attitude have brought her success that few fighters throughout history have achieved. 

We've rounded up our reasons for why she's our hero, and she'll likely be yours by the end of reading. 

She's a Pokemon Master

Like many kids of her generation, Rousey's love for Pokemon borders on obsession. But unlike many of her generational cohorts, Rousey's competitiveness has driven her to beat every version of Pokemon that has ever been released. Check out her proud description of her Poke achievements in the video below!

She's undefeated in the UFC

In addition to being an Olympian and a gold medalist for the International Judo Federation, Rousey is undefeated in mixed martial arts, winning 11 of her past 12 fights in the very first round. Her most recent match was one of those 11... and you can watch the painful ordeal below.

She stars in tough chick roles

As if being an accomplished fighter, model, and Pokemon master wasn't enough, Rousey is making headway with a budding film career. Her roles in Furious 7 and the Entourage movie gave her a chance to show off her acting chops before taking an even bigger leap forward in Hollywood. It was recently reported that Rousey will be starring in a Round House reboot, taking on the role that made Patrick Swayze famous. 

Paramount Pictures announced after her latest win in the Octagon that she would be staring in her own biopic, based off her autobiography My Fight / Your Fight. The book is currently being adapted for the big screen. 

She has a soft spot for cats. Big cats.

Rousey's been putting her spot in the national spotlight to good use. The fighter has worked extensively with the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation and raised money by auctioning off autographed T-Shirts. 

Her DNB Philosophy 

We'll let Rousey speak for herself on this one. 

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