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Someone recently asked in a popular business forum, “is Google + relevant for businesses?”

Many people responded to the question, and the bulk of all the answers suggested Google+ was more than a must-have strategy for every business. From the responses given, here are the top 5 reasons why business owners need to add Google+ to their marketing strategy. 

Google Integration

Do you actually know the number of people who use Google search, Android, Gmail, Docs, Google maps, YouTube, and a number of other Google-owned products in a day? Without hyperbole, picture this: in 2013, 5,922,000,000 of online visitors used the Google search tool on a daily basis. And since a great majority of Google-owned products are usually integrated with Google+, you can greatly enjoy using these products if you’re running a Google+ account.

Google+ Hangout is All the Rage

For those who’ve never used Google+ before, it’s high time you considered giving it a shot. When compared to other social sites, Google+ is way ahead when it comes to messaging and chatting. Using the hangout feature, you can chat or video chat a maximum of 9 people all at once. Additionally, you can create art, share YouTube videos, or play different types of games online using this feature.

The Easy Sharing

Whereas Facebook and Twitter don’t allow their users to search for pictures or content for sharing without opening a new tab, Google+ uses Sparks to search through the web for articles or videos. Upon finding, simply click on the share button, and your selection is uploaded and shared!

Privacy & Responsible Management of User Data

Both privacy and user data management is a serious issue for many users of various social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Google+ has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that your private data is just that - private. Actually, this has been made possible through a special tool in Google+ called "Data Liberation."

The Higher Ranking in Google Search

If you have a blog or a site, and you’ve not integrated it with Google +, then your business has been missing a crucial strategy for success - higher ranking. Usually, Google search results include your business page and Google+ profile, all of which up sweep Google search rankings.

These are just but a few of the reasons why every serious online marketer should be using Google+ as we speak. Without adding more, Google+ is more crucial for your online success than you’ve ever imagined. That said, try to be fast in taking advantage of this social site, and then watch as your business network grows.

Photo Credit: Google

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