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5 Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas VIDEO

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5-simple-holiday-decorating-ideas-videoJazz up the home for the holidays with these unique decorating ideas!

If you’re looking to get the house "holiday" ready, here are several ideas to make it beautiful and welcoming to your guests. Here are five simple holiday decorating ideas.


holiday-wreath-on-the-doorDecorating Ideas for the Holidays

  1. Hang something on your front door. Try pine cones and ribbon or a Christmas wreath.
  2. Add decorations to a glass jar. Place a few ornaments inside a cookie jar to give it a holiday feel.
  3. Place a simple centerpiece on the dining room table. A few snowmen angels, a small pine cone tree, or candle with a pine cone tree holder will work just fine.
  4. Hang stockings or change pillows. Add a few details to the mantlepiece, fireplace or couch with handmade or special crafted stocking and holiday pillows.
  5. Put new towels in bathroom. Just by adding red or peppermint striped hand towels in the bathroom add just a bit of cheer to the entire house.

These are just a few quick ways to decorate your home for the holidays. It’s beginning to feel a a lot like the holiday season.


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