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5-steps-to-making-your-business-greenerLearn how to help your company go green with these tips.

It’s everywhere in the media. They call it the “climate change”, which has been noted that this is most likely caused by our activities. The first step to help change this situation is by ensuring our companies go green. It is our responsibility to ensure a sustainable environment for future generation.

5 Steps to Make Your Business Greener

1. Learn what it means to be a green business

Do you know the meaning of having a green company? As a green business, you will be able to achieve standards that eventually brand your business as green. A green company is defined by using renewable resources, while being responsible for social activities and lifestyle. You ensure that your organization develop an attitude towards practices that is incorporated into their daily lives. In essence, one needs to ensure that they prevent pollution, reduce waste materials, and conserving water, natural resources, and energy among other green related practices.

2. Reuse & recycle everything you can

As you move towards a green company, it might require you to change your methods and replace disposable items with alternatives that allow for reuse. Ideas include; reuse of file folders and binders, reusing of shopping bags also providing your customers with reusable bags. You can use cloth napkins and washable towels. Also, refilling ink cartridges is a good way to go. Introducing methods like printing on both papers and using scrap papers to write notes. Always try to recycle everything that can be recycled at some point you will have to replace the items that can’t be recycled with recyclable items.


3. Learn how going green can save money

Most companies tend to think that going green can actually cost the business money. This notion is very wrong. In fact, taking steps to become green will save you business money. A few tips:

  • Use biodegradable cleaners.
  • Use LED lights.
  • Invest in Energy Star appliances.
  • Purchase 'Green Power' for your business from your utility company.

4. Develop and implement a green checklist

As you move towards a green environment, you will learn how to develop and structure a green customized checklist to implement in your business. This also involves selecting a “Green Business Coordinator” whose responsibility is to perform annual self-audit of your overall events against the checklist you structured. You will have to review your utility bills such as gas, solid waste, water, and electricity. Then you have to introduce ideas that will encourage reuse and recycling within your company.

5. Get involved in environmental education & networking

One way to keep the momentum going is by joining organizations that promote green living. You can also use your business to positively promote social and positive change. You will have to educate your employees and customers on the importance of going green and how simply they can do so. You should also consider joining the “Reuse Network” to exchange items you can’t reuse with companies that can reuse them and vice versa.

Conclusively, we have a role to play in ensuring that we keep our environment sustainable. Going green is very simple. Our determination to go green will show if we are committed to the course.



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