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5-steps-to-resolve-customer-complaints-headerThere are times when customers will call because they are angry and need an immediate solution.

They will threaten to stop doing business or file a lawsuit against the company in question if the situation is not resolved. So, if your company encounters such, here are 5 steps to assist you in resolving complaints.

Step1: Acknowledge the Problem

The first thing to do when an angry customer calls is to listen to what they are saying. It's very true that you have no idea what their problem is, nor do you want to second guess. It is imperative to listen intently to determine their issue and the best course of action.

Step 2: Apologize

Keep in mind, that first step allows you to create a conducive ground under which a client or customer can accept an apology. The moment you apologize, it will send a strong message to them that you're remorseful for the unfortunate incident, and that you'll do everything you can to ensure that the problem doesn't occur again. At this point, your tone is sincere and empathetic.

Step 3: Accept Responsibility

This is a critical step. By accepting responsibility, you've shifted the blame towards your company, thus, creating a positive outcome. Not only are you cooling them down, you are also letting them know that you are responsible for all the problems they're experiencing.


Step 4: Adjust the Situation

Problems are not always easy to solve, and so the art of negotiation is necessary in reaching a win-win situation. Sometimes what the angry customer wants is not always suitable, or better still, they are demanding something impossible. That's where you should use your knowledge in negotiation. Make it your goal to reach an amicable solution.

Step 5: Assure Timely Follow Through

Now that the hard part is over, always close the discussion by promising to follow through. If it's something you can solve right away, you better do it there and then. However, if it's going to take some time to solve, that's when you'll reassure them that you're going to manage the issue until it is resolved.

Resolving complaints is never easy, however, as a business owner, it is imperative to have steps in place to aid you and your employees if needed. What steps do you have in place to resolve customers complaints?

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