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Ladies, do you have the five most important pieces in your wardrobe? Every woman needs certain items in her closet.

Can you guess which five are absolutely necessary? Moreover, do you have them?

5 Style Essentials5-style-essentials-for-every-womans-wardrobe2

1. Little Black Dress

You knew this already, we know! But, it’s still important to list for those who may not. The little black dress is a staple in women’s fashion and we don’t ever see it going away. The little black dress is a smart buy, plain and simple. It’s dressy enough to wear to work with a blazer and sexy enough to wear on date night or a night out on the town sans the blazer. It can also be beneficial for a wedding when you don’t want to upstage the bride or somber occasions when everyone else will be black as well.

Black is always a safe choice. No matter your shape, it’s flattering and can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize. The more little black dresses you have in your closet, the better prepared you’ll be for any occasion. All in all, this is the number one essential for every woman’s closet!

2.Nude Heel

Do you have an odd color shirt or dress you just don’t know what color shoe to wear with it? Nude it is! Nude heels are a life saver! Shoes that are nude go well with every color of the rainbow. It’s a great spring shoe to go with all of your pastels and is also a great winter shoe that matches your neutral and dark colors. It’s honestly a shoe that can be worn with anything.

Black heels are safe, but honestly, they do not go well with every outfit. Nude heels go with everything: jeans, skirts, dresses, etc. What’s so great about nude heels is that they don’t have to be super high to look good either. Nude heels are flattering at any height and always give a more polished look




3.Bold Jewelry

Everyone is not into bold accessories, but if you at least have one, you’ll be on the right track. Having a bold piece of jewelry takes an ordinary look to a new height and therefore, you’ll look beyond magnificent. The accessory you choose can be bold in color, bold in its shape, or bold in any form you’re gravitated toward. The point of having a bold piece of jewelry is not to wear it every day and to grab something that most people don’t have. Bold accessories, such as a necklace, should be a fun and flirty piece that can be paired with a suit for a business-appropriate look or with a dress to glam up your look. Shop according to your personal style for the bold piece fit for you.


A basic blazer should be hanging in every woman’s closet because blazers are transitional. Start your blazer collection with a black blazer. After you’ve gotten a nice black basic blazer that you can wear day to night, purchase a blazer in a bright color. Bright colored blazers can look amazing with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

5. \Maxi-Dress

5-style-essentials-for-every-womans-wardrobe4Maxi dresses are comfortable, stylish and you should own at least one. They’re made in different colors and styles. Maxi dresses are the perfect vacation dress or even travel dress. You can sport the look with sandals or a pump. You can also wear a solid maxi dress with a blazer for a business casual look and even your new bold necklace. There are high-low maxi dresses, striped maxi dresses, printed maxi-dresses, and maxi-skirts.

Now, get to shopping!

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