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Sewing machines are great for making your own clothes, repairing tears, or adding a few buttons, but they can also be used for tasks that have nothing to do with clothing! Check out these five surprising things to do with a sewing machine! 

Make Tea BagsDIYteabag-SewingMachineA-10113

  • 1. Use two pieces of thin fabric so the tea can steep through. 

  • 2. Sew around three sides so it makes a little pocket. 

    3. Fill it with your favorite loose leaf tea! 

    Photo Credit: ruffledblog.com                                                                                                                                    

    Make Fabric Out Of Plastic

    1. Simply cut the handles off of a few plastic bags.

    2. Place on top of each other and sew straight across! 

    Make An Air Freshener 


    Photo Credit: Pinterest.com 

    1. Start with two squares of fabric, any size you want. 

    2. Sew along three edges to make a pocket. 

    3. Fill it with anything that smells good such as lavender or potpourri. 

    4. Sew the top to keep your scents inside.

    5. This is perfect for putting in your clothing drawers to make your clothing smell fantastic! 

    Make A Book

    1. Take the pages you want to use, fold down the middle and open again and sew down the middle. 

    2. Perforate paper.

    3. Use for wedding invitations, flyers and anything else! Get creative with your sewing machine and try some of these DIY sewing machine ideas.  

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