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5-teen-birthday-party-ideasLook like the coolest parents by throwing your teenager the best birthday party.

As the kids get older, that means throwing a party for tweens and teens can get a bit harder! Teen parties require activities, lots of food, and of course, social time (because mom and dad just aren't cool enough anymore). If you want to throw your teenager the best teen birthday party without seeming like an embarrassment to them, here are five great ideas for throwing the best party for your teen.

  • Sleepover Party: Teenagers love to be social, so give them a time and space to do so! Sleepovers are a great time for your children and their friends to bond and have a good time while still being safe in the confinements of your own home. Prepare for a sleepover party with a fun dinner (typically pizza or burgers, teens love those), snacks, movies, video games for boys, spa ideas for girls, and of course, the best breakfast teens could ask for!
  • Scavenger Hunts: Split everyone up into teams and have a scavenger hunt! Offer the winning team some sort of prize, maybe a special dessert or snack during the party. Since the kids are a bit older,  you could always host the hunt at a central area of town, or at a local park! You could even have the kids tweet, post or send in pictures and create some sort of slideshow at the end of it!
  • Movie Night: Turn your living room into a movie theater for the kids! Create a huge snack table with popcorn, chips, candies and soda! Lay out a plethora of movies for the teens to choose from, and sprinkle the living room with pillows and blankets. 
  • Beach Day: Have any summer birthdays? Teens love hanging on the beach, so bring the party to them! Grill up their favorite barbecue recipes, bring out coolers of their favorite sodas or drinks, and let the kids enjoy the sunny weather! Maybe even bring speakers and let the teens DJ their favorite tunes.
  • Summer Night Party: Instead of offering a party inside the house, take the party outside! Light up the deck or backyard with lights, tables, and some fun tunes. Let the teens mingle and hang out, and enjoy the warm weather! If you have a pool, even better!

What other teen party ideas do you have? 

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