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iStock 616903802 CroppedEvery family has their own special traditions, but it’s always nice to start something new that everyone can try and do together. It’ll make Thanksgiving and the holidays more meaningful. Use this holiday as a time to gather with family, give thanks and enjoy family traditions. Teach your kids the importance of the holiday and traditions that they may even start with their own kids one day! 

Gratitude Tree 

Take your little ones out for a walk to pick up some small tree branches. Bring them home and place in a vase or mason jar. Cut out leaf-like shaped pieces of paper and pierce a hole at the top of each. Each day of November until Thanksgiving, have each family member write on a leaf something they are thankful for and tie to the tree. Once Turkey Day rolls around, you’ll have a lovely craft tree with gratitude leaves. Read them all together as a family! 

Outdoor Family Football Game 

Dad will love this tradition! Football during Thanksgiving is always a tradition but get the family active and outside for a family football game before dinner! You’ll have some awesome family time and some great exercise to boot before all the amazing food! 

Family Parade 

Make it a tradition that every year, you and your family head to your town’s Thanksgiving Day parade, or watch the  Enjoy the floats, the activities and just have a fun family outing. 

Family Volunteer Project 

Gather your family up to start a volunteer project. Thanksgiving is all about giving back, showing gratitude and giving thanks. And what better way to embrace than to start a family volunteer project! Make it a tradition to plan a canned food drive, clothing drive or volunteer at a soup kitchen together. 

Annual Family Cookbook

If you host a big bash for Thanksgiving, a great tradition you can start is that every year, each family member brings an awesome recipe they’ve discovered over the past year. Put them together in a book and give as Christmas gifts! 


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