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5-things-about-dogs-that-i-wish-i-had-knownSome thoughts from a woman living with four dogs: We've been dog owners for more than 4 years. We read several books on raising dogs before bringing home our first set of littermates, but by the time Scout and Zoey joined our family, we realized that most of the things we needed to know, no one had told us.

When we were visiting with a litter of puppies at a local pet store, we were given dog trainer recommendations and everyone had dog name suggestions. But not one person clued us in to these lessons.

The Truth About Dog Ownership...

Always carry 2 rolls of dog poop bags. There's nothing like the relief of realizing that you had just enough dog poop bags. Then your dog assumes the position, again. Oh and did you notice the jogger is running by, watching, judging. Always judging.

There are subscription services that will keep you stocked up in dog poop bags, but a better deal is simply to watch for them to go on specials (after the holidays is a great time) and stock up for a better price.

Daily cleaning is necessary. When you live in a part of the country known for rain, then you need to make housekeeping fun, because you'll be doing a lot of it. We sweet, mop and vacuum every other day on a slow week.

The dogs are bathed every other weekend with a mild dog shampoo that doesn't dry their skin and repels fleas.  And their bedding is washed every weekend.

Everyone has an opinion. I've been told that our dogs are aggressive, horribly behaved, that they bark too much, and that I feed them the wrong food. I've learned to smile and say "thanks for your thoughts" in a chipper voice that I hope is genuine. Arguing is futile.

I believe that everyone means well and if you can look past the high horse they're sitting on, you might pick up some great tips.

Television time is different. It's a rarity to watch a television program or movie without being interrupted by a rambunctious dog, having to remind the puppies to share a toy, or organizing a potty break. You get used to it and commercials are an annoyance we've learned to appreciate.

I catch up on my Must See TV over the weekend after a long walk and play session with our dogs.  They nap, I binge watch.

If it can be destroyed, it will be destroyed. We've lost shoes, rain boots, sunglasses, several dog beds, dog collars, leashes, slippers, blankets, towels, and a couple sleeping bags. The one thing that curbs a dog's desire to destroy is exercise, lots of exercise.

It also helps to put things away.

The good of raising dogs far outweighs the bad! Today these things are second nature to us, but when we were driving home with Rodrigo and Sydney, we had no idea what we were getting into with these two adorable puppies.

For more on raising dogs, check out Keep the Tail Wagging.

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