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5-things-america-gets-wrong-about-sexAmerica needs to get with the program! The sex program that is.

Turns out that America isn’t getting it on like it should, at least not as freely, safely or enjoyably as other parts of the world! Really? Seems like that’s one of the things we knew how to do. The stigma of sex and sexuality is seen in really, the most important places such as classrooms, doctor’s offices and in politics. So, what are some things we are still getting wrong when it comes to sex? 

America’s 5 Issues With Sex

  1. Our healthcare systems usually ignores sexual health. Many women are reluctant to discuss sexual issues, even with their healthcare providers. According to sources, the United States has some of the lowest integration of sexual and reproductive health services in the world. Plus, we have the highest rate of STDs in the world.
  2. We are lacking in our sexual education. Even though the majority of people have sex before marriage, we still preach that the best route to sex-ed is teaching abstinence-only. Studies show, it doesn’t really make a difference. According to sources, 80 percent of federally funded abstinence-only programs misrepresent information about contraception and abortion. For example, a California school district told students that they could avoid STDs by getting plenty of rest. What?
  3. It must be between a man and a woman? That’s what the majority says. While the majority of people accept gay marriage, they can’t accept gay sex. This then creates a barrier between gay individuals and their health care providers. 
  4. Turns out, we aren’t doing it right. Only 48 percent of Americans report feeling sexually satisfied. But 64 percent of Italians are satisfied and 90 percent of people having a sexy time in Spain are satisfied. What are we doing wrong? Apparently, American men are the fifth worst lovers and Spanish men were rated the best.
  5. It can be so negative. Sex often is associated with scandal, for example, in politics. In movies, nudity is often more offensive than violence. America thinks that the less sex we have, the better we are off.

Photo Credit: ThinkStock

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