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5-things-every-caregiver-should-know-mainHelpful tips so you can be confident you're giving your best care. 

As someone who worked as a caregiver and Certified Nursing Assistant for several years, I've learned the importance of sanitation and the need for powerful cleaners. The right cleaner makes all the difference when it comes to making the jobs of a caregiver just a little easier. Here are a few tips every caregiver should know. 

1. When giving a bedside bath, gather all the products you're using and lay them out in order before beginning. I prefer Clorox's Beth Bath & Hygiene kit. Not only does it have everything you will need for the bath together, but it also gives users a guide for how to use them. Baths can be an overwhelming task for those who haven't given them frequently, so having that guide to reference is always helpful.

2. Keeping an environment as germ-free as possible is incredibly important. Try to clean up as you go because keeping your client's environment cleanly at all times is key to maintaining their health. Some helpful products that can keep germs from spreading include antibacterial hand soap, bleach wipes, and disinfecting spray, like those found in the Germ Control Kit from Clorox.

3. Things will get smelly and dirty. Whether it be from food, feces or dirt, surfaces will not stay clean long and the smells can become close to unbearable if not treated quickly. Have a disinfecting and deodorizing spray handy at all times. I prefer all things Clorox as they have proven to work in many of the messy situations I've found myself in.

4. Rashes are common among the bed-ridden. Taking every preventable measure to keep rashes from developing is vital to the comfort and health of a client. Aside from positional changes, keeping dry areas moisturized is key. Try using rash relief ointment like Clorox’s Rash Relief Ointment, which helps protect skin and seal out wetness. You should particularly apply this after changing absorbent briefs or underwear.

5. Wash your hands frequently. Keeping yourself clean is equally as important as keeping your client clean. You need to ensure that you are not spreading any bacteria or receiving some that could make you sick and unable to care for your client. Antibacterial soap works well and can keep your hands from drying out, a common side effect to washing your hands often.

When following this checklist and using products like Clorox CareConcepts, a line developed with healthcare professionals, you can be confident you’re giving your best care.

Being a caregiver is a tough task, but with the right tools, you can make home healthcare a little easier.

This article is sponsored by Clorox.

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