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kill you todayYou try to live a simple life. You watch what you eat, wear your seatbelt and try to see your doctor regularly. But there are several things that you may be doing that sabotage your health...

1. Wearing Fitness Clothes

EXERCISE CLOTHESWash your exercise clothes before you wear them. According to Medscape, an increasing number of cases of allergic contact dermatitis occur due to formaldehyde resins used for textile finishes in clothing. The formaldehyde helps reduce moisture and prevent mildew growth.

2. Keeping Your Cell Phone Handy

CELL PHONE IN BEDKeep your cell phone in your purse and away from your bed. It’s true that cell phones have a weak signal of radiation, but research shows electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones can increase risk of certain cancers. Plus these waves interfere with sound sleep.

3. Taking Pain Meds

TAKING PAIN PILLSMinimize use of O-T-C painkillers. The FDA recently cited the increased risk of heart attacks and strokes with continued use of NSAID pain relievers. However, taking the normal dosage on occasion should not pose any risk.

4. Working Long Hours

SITTINH DESKSitting at your desk for longer than six hours = not good! Physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth-leading risk factor for death for people all around the world, according to the World Health Organization. With this in mind, by simply standing up each hour or taking short walks every so often, you can minimize this health risk.

5. Drying Your Clothes

CLEANIGN LINT TRAPAlthough washing your clothes is important, many people casually dry everything leaving lint to build up in the dryer. Dryer fires account for more than 17,000 fires per year. If you dry your clothes, clean the lint trap!

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