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Let's face it. Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day, but it's often the meal we put the least amount of effort or thought into making. Sugary cereal, a piece of toast - our first meal of the day consists of lots of sugar and empty calories that leave us feeling unsatisfied and thinking about lunch way earlier than we should.

That's why everyone in the family needs a nutritious, hearty breakfast that'll give everyone the energy to tackle those early morning tasks and keep tummies feeling full until lunchtime. Done with the eggs and bacon game? Try these simple and quick Pinterest-worthy breakfast ideas that both you and the kids will love! 

Quick and easy? Check. 

Bursting with delicious flavors? Check! 

Muffin Cups


Muffin cups have to be one of our favorite creations in the breakfast game! They're super easy to make - just put all the ingredients into a muffin tin and bake. Added bonus? They're great for breakfast-on-the-go when you or the kids have a busy morning.

If you want to cut down on time even more, simply make the night before and put in the fridge! Who says getting a full breakfast can't be as easy as a bowl of cereal? These Amazing Muffin Cups from Johnsonville combine their Original Breakfast Sausage with hashbrowns, Mexican 4-cheese blend, red onion, and chives or green onions for plenty of tasty flavors packed into one muffin-sized bite! 

Get the recipe here.  

Breakfast In A Cup


Breakfast in a mug is one of the greatest breakfast inventions for when you want your eggs and cheese and sausage but don't want to get out of bed or spend time cooking over a stove!

That's where breakfast in a mug comes in—make your favorite breakfast in a cup by microwaving the ingredients, then take your creation back to your bed or the couch.

This recipe for Wake-Up Cups by Johnsonville is easy to make and worth every bite. Combine and microwave eggs, throw in Johnsonville's new fully cooked Original Breakfast Sausage Links or Turkey Sausage Links, plenty of cheese, milk and hash browns, and you've got a yummy morning meal to start your day!

Get the recipe here

Breakfast Sandwich


Put foods you love most for breakfast in between two pieces of bread, and you're good to go! You can go classic with ham, cheese, and egg sandwich or get creative with eggs and bacon in between french toast slices—oh yes. Check out lazy morning breakfast ideas including intriguing sandwiches here

Breakfast On A Waffle


Combine sweet and savory elements by putting your breakfast sausage or eggs on top of a waffle and drench with syrup. Yum!

Breakfast Casserole


Breakfast casseroles are hearty, delicious, and they always satisfy. They're also deceptively easy to make. Get plenty of veggies and proteins in a casserole bowl, cover with cheese, and you're set to bake! Check out these delicious recipes for breakfast casseroles full of classic ingredients and exciting flavors. 


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