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5 Things to Know About Thrifting

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Vintage is coveted in the fashion realm. Sometimes it is even more applauded than dropping full price for a current trend. Some of the best places to find these classic trends or brands is at thrift stores. If you have patience and are willing to filter through secondhand sales, here are some tips and tricks to help you find the needles in the haystack! 

Dig Through

Thrifting isn’t for the faint shoppers. There are a lot of items you may not like but to find the piece that screams success you might need to sift through racks upon racks of failures.

 Always Try It On

There are pieces that look amazing on the hanger but not so great on you...and then there are pieces that may not look so great on the hanger but look dynamite on! Wait until you put the garment on to judge. 


Don't Be Fooled By Sizes

Another case for trying it on! Sizes in the past are not the same as sizes today. Our bodies are shaped differently and trends sometimes demanded a size be worn tight or loose. Skinny jeans, anyone? Baggie boyfriend jeans? Can you imagine what future generations will think. If an item is a steal, but it's not quite your size, give it a try anyways and you might be surprised.



Don’t Be Afraid To Make Adjustments

There are shoulder pads, items that are too big or too baggy and one piece may be better as two. Those things can be fixed, and sometimes there are gems that are worth the extra effort.

Don't Forget About The Accessories

Thrifting is more than just clothes. A lot of times there are purses, scarves, shoes or jewelry options that can make your shopping trip that much more worth it.

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