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Do you ever feel like living your best life is stuck in the off position? At some point, we all do! But if you’re ready to make some changes, and start moving down the path to happiness, here are five things you should turn on to make the changes happen.

1. Turn on your heart. Turning up your love and gratitude can be as easy as smiling at a stranger or even yourself in the mirror. Add one act of kindness or love in your day for two weeks and see how different you feel.

2. Turn on your dream job. Take a step in the right direction and update your resume. Check out comparative salaries online and pat yourself on the back. You may even get up the courage to ask for a raise or review.

3. Turn on your snacking. Remember, the longer you wait between meals, the slower your metabolism burns. Eating every 3-4 hours has been proven to increase your metabolism as long as you’re eating healthy snacks. Keep snacks within the 200-calorie range and make sure they contain protein. Ideas: thinkThin Bars are a great option with indulgent flavors, 0 grams of sugar and have 20 grams of protein too.

4. Turn on your love life. Whether you’re in a committed relationship with someone or just need to love yourself a little more, engage in acts that make your bonds stronger. Positive affirmation notes or social media messages help keep your intentions of love in the forefront. Post something nice for someone special or yourself.

5. Turn on your fitness. People who exercise regularly get a healthy dose of dopamine… the feel-good hormones. Another bonus, exercise helps lower cortisol stress hormones and reduce the risk of almost every disease.

It’s time to turn on a better you. Flip the switch and turn it on!

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