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Never assume you can’t become as big as Apple one day! You just have to get started and consistently build a recognizable presence in your expertise. For any business, you start in the same place – establishing who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

The more your market sees you, the more likely they are to learn about you, like and trust you! Here are five key tips to help build your brand online

1. Be real with your audience

Anyone can create a “smoke and mirrors” marketing campaign. You can promise the world and some will believe you. But, when you don’t deliver, your credibility is flushed away. One way to be real is to put a face on your business. Images make quick connections with people so be sure to add your photo. Speak plainly, using simple, easy to understand terms with your readers.

2. Make good on your promises

The biggest problem with many companies (and most often the simplest to correct) is poor customer service. If you promise to send a confirmation email after purchase or in response to the request for an informational report, do so in the time promised. (Bonus tip? Don't let your response time go beyond 24 hours if you can help it. Most people expect a response immediately, so if you don't plan to sit at your computer all day long, invest in a good autoresponder within your email service.)

3. Sell your product

Encourage customers to buy by giving them a reason to use your product or service. Describe how their life will benefit from having your product in it. Help the customer make an emotional connection to your product and remember to SELL it. So many people are afraid to ask for the sale online and they end up giving products away. Your business cannot survive like this.

4. Promote your product in as many places as possible

When new products come out, do a press release. Promote it on your social networking site, your blog and your website. Create YouTube videos and also podcasts about your products to increase the chatter about your goods. Remember offline promotion as well. Yes, people still buy offline!

5. Target your customers

When you get really confident about your brand, you need to intentionally connect with the people who want what you offer. Use keywords to draw your customers to you. Create a list of potential contacts and then stay in contact with them.

It may take some time, but when you constantly put effort into growing your credibility and your brand online, it can pay off with big results. 

What does your product stand for? Take some time and develop your identity. Then, provide quality products that connect with your customers so the products practically sell themselves...not just once but many times over.

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