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5-tips-for-selecting-a-website-designer-1A website can be an awesome marketing tool for small business owners.

However, the success will be determined by the ability and vast experience of the website designer. There are numerous web design companies and choosing the best can become an uphill task. Below are tips to help you select the best website designer.



1. Check Out The Company’s Track Record

Usually there are well known service providers in a given type of business. It is important to ask from friends if they have ever heard of that particular company. It is a good track record that makes an organization famous. Do not go for a web designer not known to anyone. Go through their details and quality of work they normally do.

2. Look At The Company’s Terms And Conditions

However much the work of a website designer impresses you, never ignore the terms and conditions. These terms of service form the basis of your relationship and protect both of you in case of any eventualities. The terms and conditions should be friendly and not designed to favor the service provider. The total fees should be stated clearly without any extra charges being presented later.

Putting up a website involves so many things such as frequent maintenance and updates. If there are no clear terms on how these payments are made then a web designer might take advantage of your naivety. Also know if you are entitled to things such as the source files, and back up files.

5-tips-for-selecting-a-website-designer-23. Review The Web Designers’ Portfolios And Testimonials

These will show you exactly what quality of work they deliver. Ask for customer testimonials, call the clients and ascertain the truth behind them. This is because designers may claim to have served a huge list of blue-chip clients, yet it is all just made up. Also confirm from the references the efficiency of that particular company and how long it took to have their websites up and running.

The work portfolio also will state to you the types of small businesses they serve. If for instance you are inclined towards health issues, get a designer with experience in that field.

4. Check If Their Coding Standards Are The Best Available

Website coding standards should be the best right from the onset of the web designing process. The World Wide Web consortium develops coding standards that all web designers must comply with. These rules ensure that designers are using the prevailing best practices like current versions of HTML, CSS, JAVA and other applications.

Coding should also allow accessibility in terms of tools, technology, navigation and research. The best coding standards are important especially for a small business. This is because any slight mistake in coding will interfere with Search Engine Optimization and ranking. People should be able to access your site from all the browsers available.

5. Have Basic Knowledge On The Best Web Design Techniques

It is better to have even a little knowledge, because when you know nothing at all you will not evaluate properly. Research and read a lot on this topic prior to hiring a web designer. Some basic skills include good communication skills, creativity, and organizational skills. It is these unique techniques presented by a designer that will give you’re your website a different feel.

In conclusion, always get someone who will deliver the value for your money. Before you start searching for a web designer, know exactly what you want. For instance you must single out who you are targeting, and your business objectives. Most importantly choose a website designer who understands internet marketing as well.

Get more career and business advice from Sylvia via her blog sylviabrowder.com as well as nawomenrise.com!

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