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5 Tips For a Great Mentor Relationship

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Having-a-mentor-is-beneficial-for-careerThe advantages of having a mentor in business helps one achieve success in a major ways.

"By having guidance, access to resources, and the ability to learn from someone's expertise," says career coach and blogger Jacqueline Twillie, "is something that you cannot put a price tag on."

In this article, Jacqueline shares why it's important to build a strong relationship with your mentor and how it will ultimately show in your career success.

5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Relationship With a MentorBenefits-of-a-mentor

  • One can find a mentor by asking a person that is respected in their industry to share their career experiences. By simply asking someone that you admire and respect to spend time mentoring you, you can begin to establish a mentorship. 
  • Another way to find a mentor is to use MicroMentor. Regardless of whether you use a traditional method to find a mentor or use an online service, the first step is to express a serious interest in a mentorship. 
  • A mentorship should be a mutually beneficial relationship. What you can expect to get out of the relationship is guidance on how to set your business or career apart from your peers. In addition, you can expect advice on how to successfully manage your business and take it to the next level.
  • Mentors help you to see things from a different perspective and broaden your frame of reference in terms of navigating business or life. Mentors who have been there and done that will be able to teach you how to network and which questions to ask those who you might want to partner or do business with. There is nothing too silly to ask a mentor, it is a learning relationship that you should take full advantage of by asking questions.  
  • Make the most out of the mentorship relationship by respecting the mentor's time. Show up for meetings on time and not spend the meeting time discussing small talk. A mentor is not a relationship advisor or a friend, so it is necessary to establish a clear understanding that this relationship is specifically to be used to boost your business endeavors. To understand your role and your mentor's role have a meeting to discuss each person's expectations.

The magic of a mentorship is investing your time to listen, plan, and execute.

About Jacqueline Twillie 

As a blogger, career coach and a speaker, Jacqueline will have her first book called "Navigating the Career Jungle", which will be on the shelves this spring. Her background includes working for Victoria Secret, AT&T and Gannett as well. Her major goal in life is to elevate many young professionals in their careers. She plans on doing this by matching who they currently are and what they ultimately want to become. Learn more about Jacqueline here.

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