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5 Tips to Organize Your Home Office to Increase Productivity

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Not only does disorganization cripple your productivity.

It also sends a wrong message to clients. That’s to say a cluttered desk is a clear indication of a cluttered mind which translates to poor productivity. Fortunately for you, this post will be directing you on how to organize your home office in just five simple steps. 

1. Get a Reminder System

Our minds generate thousands of thoughts on a single day, especially on a busy day. But since ideas are fleeting, our minds can’t keep track of all the generated thoughts. To help you save time and at the same time avoid frustrations as you try to recall some of the ideas you had earlier on, a number of effective reminder systems and apps have been created to help you organize all your thoughts and plans. They include paper notes, sticky-notes, Astrid, Wunderlist and Evernote, to name a few.

2. Utilize a Calendar

A visible calendar may appear like a trifling item in your home office, but in reality it’s actually one of the few cruxes of creating an organized home office. For one, it keeps you in control of your work schedule, while ensuring that you don’t miss out on important business meetings. In this case, it’s advisable to install a calendar app on your computer (like Rainlendar, Atchoo, Google calendar and Mozilla Lightning) to utilize all the special calendar features.

3. Install Adequate Lighting

Your home office needs sufficient lighting to be complete. If you can, try to locate the office in a perfect spot with easy penetration of natural lighting, since the human eye is designed to function properly with the adjusting levels of sunlight. This in turn reduces eye fatigue and frequent headaches that come with poor lighting. That said, the best place to set you work station in this case is around a window with opening curtains. But if your home is located in a basement, you can install daylight bulbs that imitate the natural light.


4. Designate Organized Space for Items

A recent study has clearly indicated how an average American wastes an average of 55 minutes a day while trying to search for misplaced items at the place of work. To stay safe from this, it’s best to create space for everything around your office. This should include getting a filling cabinet or a desk with draws in it to store items and to de-clutter your desk, as well.

5. Get Organizational Storage

To avoid losing or damaging important files in your home office, try investing in a good file cabinet or any organizational storage of your choice. In doing so, you will be preventing your documents from piling up around your desk or floor. Most importantly, you will be making it easier to locate a particular document whenever you need it.

Now you have them: the five easy steps of organizing your home office in order to have a productive day and avoid distractions. With that in mind, how else do you individually ensure your home office is completely organized?

Get more career and business advice from Sylvia via her blog sylviabrowder.com as well as nawomenrise.com!

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