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5-tips-to-stay-emotionally-fitWe live in a world that offers challenges continually in many areas: the economy, relationships, health care, and worries about the future, both personal and global.

The list goes on and on. "Amongst all this," says Life Coach Doris Crompton, "we are trying to lead our lives and pursue our goals while balancing our physical, mental and emotional well-being."

So how do we find and maintain a healthy balance? Doris shares, "It is good to take a minute to consider how we can make our journey easier and more pleasant." With that, she gives five ways to stay emotionally fit.


Develop Self-Awareness

Be in touch with how you feel upon waking up and also at various times during the day. We are very much in touch with our physical body and know when we feel hungry or have a need for rest. The same goes for our emotional body. It is good to tune in to find out if we feel at peace and confident or if we start to feel anxious, overwhelmed, or even depressed. Before we get too far down the slippery slope, it is beneficial to be proactive and take a minute to assess what is happening to us and make corrections immediately, if necessary. This could mean to remove ourselves from a negative conversation or willingly stopping a destructive train of thought. Taking this initiative will save us a lot of time and energy.

Therefore developing self-awareness will help us stay on track to achieve emotional wellness.

Establish Healthy Boundaries

At times, we may feel overwhelmed with the demands of others, at home and at work and/or by the atmosphere that is created around us. We may not only feel uncomfortable but even get resentful. This is a cue that clearer boundaries need to be established. If they are not, and resentment or a feeling of being overwhelmed keeps growing, we feel like a ticking bomb, ready to explode anytime. That kind of toxic build up is not only detrimental for our emotional health but for our physical health too.

Identify your emotional and mental limits and let others know. This may be easier said than done. Many may feel hesitant and that they ought to learn to manage whatever comes their way or that it may be borderline selfish to even mention boundaries. So fear, guilt and doubt may come into play, but not letting those feeling dictate our life and having the courage to be clear about our boundaries will make our life so much easier and more manageable.

Focus On The Positive

When trying to focus on our physical health, we make sure we eat good life giving foods and stay away from junk foods. The same goes for our emotional health. Choose to be with positive people, read books and watch movies that inspire you. Stay away from negative people, gossip, dramas, arguments, violence...all those energies that deplete you.

Focusing on the positive is a decision, a stand we have to make. There are certainly many invitations and distractions in the world around us that invite us to take a ride on the roads of despair, self-doubt, and insecurity. It demands initiative and courage to stay on the "I Can Do" Boulevard.

Focusing on the positive will give us strength to not only stay on track but make progress and reach our goals faster and easier.


Choose An Activity That Stirs Your Heart

We feel nourished emotionally when we feel that we are making a worthwhile contribution to the world around us. We receive when we find a way to give, and our hearts feel joy when we extend a helping hand or create something beautiful. Examples of this are as varied as there are fields such as art, writing poetry, music, charitable work, mentoring, singing in a choir, doing any kind of volunteer work on a regular basis or just participating in the annual Christmas toy drive.

By giving, using our talent and abilities, we allow the energy to flow. This creates a vacuum that is immediately filled by a Higher Energy because emotionally, just as in the realm of physics, "nature abhors a vacuum." When we receive this wonderful energy, we get an immediate boost emotionally. It feels really good!

Take Time To Relax, Recharge, And Rejuvenate

This sounds like a slogan that you may have seen in many spas, but it is always a good reminder that, indeed, we need to make the time to take care of ourselves physically in order to feel better emotionally. Mind and body are very connected. When you feel healthy, well rested and full of energy, you feel emotionally strong and vibrant. When disease sets in, it is hard to be at our best, emotionally speaking.

Studies have shown that stress is at the root of 70-80% of illnesses. It actually wreaks havoc in our body. So take the time, make the time to take care of yourself: perform relaxation exercises, deep breathing, sea salt bath, massage therapy, energy healing sessions or simply just put your feet up and read a good book or watch a good movie.

When your body feels good, you feel emotionally more empowered and fit.

About Doris Crompton

Doris Crompton is an intuitive life coach and an energy healing facilitator specializing in the fields of Reiki, Spiritual Psychology and The Emotion Code. She is certified in these therapies for many years and has helped clients around the world to overcome challenges they were facing, helping them clear energy blockages and underlying imbalances so that they feel more empowered and confident.

Doris does most of her sessions by phone or Skype. Her website is: www.liberatingemotions.com.

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