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Summertime comes with a lot of outdoor activities for you and your family, from barbecues and camping to always-fun pool parties!

However, with all that outdoor fun comes some wear and tear to your kids’ toys, especially if they’re going to get tossed about and submerged in water. Not all devices are waterproof!

Check out these splash-tastic waterproof toys you and your kids can play with all summer long!

Barbie® Bubble-tastic Mermaid™ Doll


This bubble-making doll has a giant fin that you can dip into a shell-shipped tray of bubble solution, pull the string on the doll’s back to spin the tail, creating an ocean of bubbles!

Pick up a few of these for your next pool party so girls can create those bubbles (so many bubbles!), swim around with their mermaid pal, and even style their mermaid doll once pool-time is over! The Barbie® Bubble-tastic Mermaid™ Doll can be purchased at any major retailer: MattelWalmart, Target, Toys"R"Us, and Amazon

Mermaid Swim Fin


Keep the mermaid fun going with this mermaid swim fin by FINIS. Little swimmers will love how comfortable these are and they make for plenty of imaginary games in the pool throughout all of summer.

Swim Thru Rings


OK… These have got to be the simplest but most fun pool toy! Simply place some of these swim thru rings in your pool, and your kids (and you!) will be entertained for hours! When summer comes, family game night can go outside too! Make up fun tournaments and aquatic games with the rings, like how many rings you can get through at once or relay races that have to go through them.

Underwater Strobe Light


This has to be a must at your pool this summer! As the sun sets, keep the party going with this underwater light starship that turns your pool into a vibrant, aquatic club! Kids and adults will both enjoy the mood the lights set, and how cool will things look underwater!?

Floating Card Game


Just because you’re in the pool, doesn’t mean an epic game of Go Fish can’t continue. Nab this floating card game station for some aquatic family game time. NOTE: Be sure to wear some sunglasses and a floppy hat to protect your poker face. 

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