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Before you jet off on your next vacation or business trip, make sure that after you fill up your suitcase, you fill up your smart phone and tablet too. There's nothing worse than being 30,000 feet in the air and stuck with only that one random U2 album on your phone (because yup, you didn't sync Spotify) and a year old Sky Mall magazine to keep things interesting. 

So instead of trying to fit an entire MP3 collection onto the limited free space on your phone, consider downloading these useful apps to keep you entertained, on time and in-the-know during your travels.

1. Trip Case

Trip-case-appThis app can take the stress out of even the most hectic of business trips. Trip Case serves as a personal assistant you can fit in your pocket. It organizes your itinerary, alerts you when it's time to catch a flight (or a cab) and even lets you know about tips and deals near your location. 

2. Hotel Tonight

hotel-tonight-logoAs any seasoned traveler knows, sometimes things don't always go to plan. Hotels can get overbooked, which can leave you scrambling last-minute to find a room for the weekend. That's where Hotel Tonight comes in. The app lets you find and book an open room in as little as 10 seconds.

3. Foursquare

forsquare-logoIf you're traveling somewhere new and don't have too many concrete plans, Foursquare is guaranteed to become your favorite app during the duration of your trip. The app provides recommendations of the best restaurants, bars and stores near you, based on reviews from people who've actually been there. The search function also lets you get very specific. If you're looking for a bar with 15 different craft-beers on tap or the best restaurant with a roof deck on the North side of town, Foursquare can guide you there.

4. Uber

uber-logoDon't spend a big chunk of your travel budget on a rental car, download Uber instead! The app allows you request a ride on-demand from either an Uber driver or a traditional taxi, and can take you where you need to go. It's fast, convenient and available in almost all major cities.

5. Word Brain

wordbrain-appWhether you're traveling via plane, train or automobile, you're guaranteed to have some down time getting from one location to the next. And during these times you often won't have access to cellular data or a wifi signal, which is why it's important to have some games on your phone or tablet that don't require it. Word Brain is perfect for keeping you entertained and giving you a bit of a challenge. Finding the hidden words in the puzzles gets progressively more difficult and ready to use up all your hints. 

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