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  • Learn To Dance

    Learn To Dance

    What is more romantic then learning how to move gracefully about the dance floor with your love? Contact your local ballroom dancing studio and ask if they are doing any classes for your date night. If not, take a class beforehand and find a fun place to waltz, salsa or even 1-2 step together in town, like a local park or gazebo. Bring a stereo and your favorite music, maybe even recreate your first dance! If this is your first one, even more memorable! 

  • Find Your New Favorite Spot (Sans Map)

    Find Your New Favorite Spot (Sans Map)

    Forget using your Maps app for a moment and take an adventure! Instead of settling for one meal, find a new place for each course. This night is to celebrate you and your special someone, so no need to rush. Instead of finding a new place online, just drive around town, or maybe even out of town, and discover a new spot to eat, laugh, love and enjoy each other's company. 

  • Picnic At Night & Star Gazing

    Picnic At Night & Star Gazing

    Take advantage of the good weather by venturing out with your special someone to a personal candlelit dinner outside. Find a wide open field where you can lay out blankets, sip on wine and eat a homemade meal, and enjoy the glory of the stars above. 

  • Dress Up For The Arts

    Dress Up For The Arts

    Places like the opera, the orchestra, the ballet, or even poetry readings are hard places to take children...so why not go there with your partner during your night off from the kids! Instead of dressing up just for dinner, get a ticket to a local show and enjoy the creativity within your city. 

  • Pick A Country And Cook

    Pick A Country And Cook

    If you’re living on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t transport to a completely different country and enjoy the food! Together you and your partner can pick a country you wish to visit, do some research, and cook a typical meal from that culture! You could even decorate the house with the country’s colors, listen to their music and find a foreign film that you can snuggle up and watch together. 

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