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Your online marketing efforts could be on target...

But if you still have a low conversion rate, it means that you will not reap maximum benefit from your hard work. In fact, in most cases simply improving your conversion rate can have an enormous impact on your sales and revenue. Here are 5 ways business owners can use to tremendously boost their conversion rate.

1. Add Human Touch

Using auto responders is the only way to efficiently process prospects and leads and ultimately turn them into paying customers. However if you can add human touch to the whole automated process, it can have a dramatic effect on the number of prospects you ultimately convert into paying customers. This can be as simple as providing a telephone number that prospects with questions can call to speak with somebody. For some customers, it is much easier to send cash to someone you have just spoken to on the phone.

2. Offer Live Chat Support

It may not be practical to speak to too many customers on the phone. The next best thing is a live chat on the website where you can field all kinds of questions and queries. There are many instances where answering a simple question is all it takes to nudge a prospect into making the decision to purchase.

3.Promote Free Trials and Demos

Trial periods usually attract multitudes and a reasonable percentage of them will always choose to pay for a full version shortly after experiencing the free trial. Test after test has proved that the site offering free trials always outsells the one that does NOT.

4. Use Landing Page

Do you have a serious landing page on your website? Taking the time and trouble to create a good landing page can have an enormous impact on your conversions and rate of conversion. In other instances, even if you already have a landing page that is not so effective, changing it or making adjustments may be the thing to do.
Creating a landing page that has a high conversion rate takes some skill. However, you can review articles on the web to get the basics.

5. Highlight Urgency

Creating urgency in your offers will increase your conversion rate. Limited time offers are especially effective because it is human nature to procrastinate and most folks need a nudge to act right away.

In conclusion, it is amazing how just a few minor adjustments on your website can end up having such a colossal effect on conversions and the conversion rate. Use the tips above to multiply your conversion rate many times over!

Get more career and business advice from Sylvia via her blog sylviabrowder.com as well as nawomenrise.com!

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