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Presented by StarKist® 


As the first day of school approaches, chaos can ensue. Once the school year starts, the focus becomes getting to school on time, packing in all of the after-school activities and then there is the homework. For a parent, all of the energy it takes to keep the kids on the right path can leave little time to think about their own routines. 

So… let’s take a deep breath just to calm ourselves… Good? Good. 

Having a routine for the kids, from organizing a plan of attack for the mornings, to coming up with healthy meal strategies can bring peace, not only to the lives of the kiddos, but to the mom’s life as well. 

No shame in calling in reinforcements – StarKist® Albacore White Tuna can be one of those lifelines by not only helping moms feed the kids some out-of-this-world food that’s actually good for them, but giving moms a healthy meal too! 

Lunchtime Made Easier 

Mix it up a bit and make the kids something tasty and heart-healthy with StarKist® tuna. Containing at least 12g of protein and 110 mg of omega-3’s per serving, it is a flavorful way to make any meal deliciously healthy. Plus it is certified by the American Heart Association® which means it is a delicious and low-fat option both moms and the kids can eat. 

Schedule to Stay On Track 

Kids may have school until 3 p.m. but they’re also busy with after-school activities, homework, college prep (if they’re at that age), and still trying to enjoy a personal life and relationships. That alone is stressful, but then there is mom. She has to help them manage all of this AND balance her own life – between maybe work, a husband and household chores – stress doesn’t even begin to cover it. Get and use a calendar, digital or mobile, whatever, just have a schedule everyone can see! If the whole family knows what each person is doing, everyone can pitch in to help. 


Enjoy Family Time 

Throughout all the chaos, don’t forget your family time! Work and schedules are important, but every so often, the whole family deserves a break. So forget the elaborate meals or going out – StarKist® can help moms go for the quick and easy meal option. Use StarKist® tuna to craft quick salads, mouthwatering sandwiches or even a satisfying tuna casserole. There are tons of recipes click here for helpful ideas

Build Up the Excitement 

Instead of focusing on all the anxieties that naturally come with going back to school, make it a team effort and build up the excitement. Talk more about the positives, like if anyone is taking a fun new class or getting involved in an after-school activity. Parents should share their own successes too. Kids learn from watching how adults approach situations, so share good stories and accomplishments; in return the process will most likely give everyone a boost, even mom.

Lessen The Morning Worries 

Mornings can be the most stressful part of the day. Not only do moms have to get the kids out the door, but they have to get themselves ready too. 

  • Do as much as you can the night before. Pack up schoolwork, pick out the morning ensembles – theirs AND yours – and make everyone’s lunches.  
  • Play some music to get the whole house energized to get dressed and ready. 
  • Keep a family planner in a communal place such as the kitchen or living room. This way, the whole family knows what needs to be done when, where and on what day of the week. This helps lessen the chances of surprises right before walking out the door.

The key to cracking the morning chaos code is to have a plan and to make sure moms include their own needs in that plan. Enlist the help of everyone in the family to make things easier.   

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