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Life can be very challenging and tough at times, and as women we tend to lose focus on nurturing ourselves and cultivating our own strengths. “It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and claim your power,” says Shawn Chavis, Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Bronze Magazine.

5-ways-to-empower-yourself-in-the-new-year-2Shawn shares five ways to EMPOWER yourself this year.

  1. Set attainable and quantifiable goals for yourself. It’s not enough to just write down a list of goals that look good on paper. Chances are that’s where they will stay. Create goals that are specific, clear and relevant to what you want to achieve. Also be sure to have a tangible way to measure your success as you go along.
  2. Be proactive. Make sure that you are the one who is in control of your destiny. Try to avoid making decisions based on your reaction to life’s challenges. Be the one to make the first power move!
  3. Focus on the positive. It’s been proven that positive thoughts and actions equal positive results. Keep your environment free of negativity. Surround yourself with supportive individuals who encourage your success.
  4. Know your worth. Sometimes we tend to undervalue ourselves and our contributions. Be confident in your abilities and don’t hold back. Let others see that you hold yourself in high regard.
  5. Inspire others. There is nothing like encouraging others as a way of realizing your own power within. Good deeds can go a long way; however, one caveat is to make sure you don’t over extend yourself while being a source of strength for others.

Taking the time to implement these actions in your life will set in motion a powerful new year and beyond!

About Shawn Chavis

Shawn is a NYC resident and Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Bronze Magazine, a digital lifestyle publication that celebrates, empowers and inspires the lifestyle of today’s African American woman while also spotlighting individuals who are making positive accomplishments in various industries as well as within their communities.

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