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5-ways-to-energize-your-sales-headerTruth be told - the business you do must either experience consistent growth or face extinction.

To stay safe, it's advisable to carry out a full assessment of your sales operation, starting from the lead generation to the point of sale with a primary aim of acquiring new clients. Once you've carefully carried out the analysis, you can adopt our five-point game plan to energize your sales and boost your revenue. Here's the game plan:


Freshen Your Ideas


Every business at some point can become stale and boring. To get a fresh look at everything that you are doing, you will have to review and revise all your marketing materials.  Also, check your verbiage or message you are trying to convey to see if you are missing key business points that potential customers need to know.

Freshen Your Content

Review all of your marketing material such as literature, logo, signage and website. Is it dated? Has any of the information changed such as phone number or address? I've met many business owners handing out business cards with crossed out phone numbers or email addresses and filled in with ink. This is very unprofessional! A business makeover can boost the look and feel of your product or service considerably to new or and existing clients.

Partner Up

Team up with businesses that complement yours. Consider forming a joint venture or partnership with like companies. For instance, if you are a realtor, you could form a partnership with a title company or home inspection service.  

Attend Local Conferences

To re-energize your business, start attending local seminars or conferences. By doing so, you will have access to other attendees who could be potential clients or partners. It is also an opportunity to learn from speakers on various topics.

Announce Special Promotions

Prices and Value are key ingredients for consumers. Everyone appreciates a special promotion! Many people rely on coupons to save on products and services. In addition, online coupons are extremely popular. By offering a promotion, you entice people to act now.

So, how do you energize your sales?

Get more career and business advice from Sylvia via her blog sylviabrowder.com as well as nawomenrise.com!

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