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5-ways-to-expand-your-linkedin-connections-1LinkedIn is not just any average social networking platform. It's indispensable for connecting with professionals as well as current and potential customers. 

LinkedIn helps companies develop and grow as they connect and interact with relevant people. There are so many marketing opportunities on LinkedIn for businesses of all sizes. However, the connections your business has on LinkedIn determines the benefits derived. As such, the more connections you make the better. Here are 5 ways to expand your connections on LinkedIn.

5-ways-to-expand-your-linkedin-connections-2LinkedIn has more than 187 million members throughout the world; over 150,000 companies have pages; and 2 people join every 2 seconds. Become someone who utilizes every aspect of the site to enhance your network! 

Boost Your Connections
Make it a habit to promote your current connections. If you expect to receive, then be prepared to give as well. A simple comment on or sharing of their status updates will really motivate them. Refer them to people you know would add value to their career. Suggest groups and events, and give resources that suits their needs. Give answers to questions posted by other people. This way, you will develop a certain level of trust and authority. If people learn that they can look up to you, they will refer their connections to you as well.

Ask For An Introduction
This is very important if you intend to make a 2nd or 3rd degree connection. Find people whom you have mutual connections with and then request an introduction. It is much easier connecting through someone than starting on your own. An introduction presents a good opportunity for the other party to know why you could be a valuable connection.

Go Where Your Target Is
It is important that you set search boundaries. As much as you are seeking to grow your connection, targeted ones can help facilitate your business growth more rapidly. Identify an ideal location and industry. Targeting the right connections will save you time because you have narrowed down to a specific group.

Learn The Rules Of Engagement
Engage as much as you can. To create an account and remain dormant will not bring you any new connections. Expanding your visibility is just one way to double your connections. Update your status frequently, share and comment on other people’s status updates. Send invitations on a regular basis but avoid overdoing it. Participate in meaningful discussions or start your own and see how many people respond. All these acts of engagement will help you get more connections than you had ever imagined.

Ask For Recommendations
Recommendations or endorsements from your connections makes you look genuine. The more you get, the better. If people have doubts about you, then endorsements will help clear such doubts.

In conclusion, LinkedIn has a large database of companies and professionals. Take advantage of the biggest professional network worldwide. Connect the right way to promote your company, initiate connections and develop long lasting relationships. 

Get more career and business advice from Sylvia via her blog sylviabrowder.com as well as nawomenrise.com!

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