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5-ways-to-get-readers-to-share-your-content-2Writing articles then adding relevant graphics and videos to them is just the first step in attracting readers to your blog or website.

In doing so, you need to create content in a way that entices people to share it. You have to put yourself in the shoes of your readers, review what you've written and ask yourself the question "Is this worth sharing?" If the answer is NO then you need to go back and create a much better copy. To help you out, below are some of the most effective ways to make your content share-worthy.



Create Top Quality...Top Content

Content is King! You've probably heard this phrase a thousand times already. It may be cliche but it's very true. At the end of the day, the main factor that allows your content to rise over the others is its quality. If people find real value in your content, they will be more willing to share it.

Use Attention-Catching Headlines

You need to understand that you are not the only content creator online. You are competing with hundreds of thousands of blogs and websites. With that said, you have to come up with headlines for your articles that will stand out from all the rest. Online users have very short attention spans so you have just a few seconds to convince them to read your content. And you can only do this by baiting them with a catchy title.

Use Images

There are two main reasons why you should add images to your articles. One, it's a great way to keep the reader's attention. And two, it's the best way to break down your content into manageable chunks. People often get bored if what they see on their computer screen is a very long succession of paragraphs. Putting images between paragraphs will help keep the reader's attention (as shown in this very article!). And of course, people are more likely to click on the "share" button if they like the images featured in the article.


Add Social Media Account Icons and Sharing Buttons

In these times wherein almost everyone has an account in a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google +, it's absolutely recommended that you embed social media sharing buttons into your content. This way, it will be much easier for your readers to share your content with their friends and contacts. Embedding these buttons into your website is often just a matter of copying and pasting a snippet of HTML code.

Allow Your Readers to Comment

You have to encourage reader engagement in your website. People often leave comments when they are passionate and interested about the topic being talked about. They want their views to be listened to. And for their views to reach more people, they'll share the article with people they know on Facebook, or Twitter or any social media site they are a member to.

In conclusion, getting people to share your content is really not that difficult. As long as you are confident about the quality of your articles and if you follow the tips discussed above, there's no reason why your readers shouldn't be clicking on the share button.


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