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5-ways-to-get-your-energy-backSpending all week sick in bed? These tips will help you get out of bed with new energy to start the day!

After a week of being in bed, hugging your tissue box and coughing up a storm, you're ready for it to be over. But it's time to get back into that normal routine by putting that energy back in your system! Lying in bed sick all day can really drain you. We’ve got some easy steps to follow so you can get your energy back after a cold or the flu. 


1. Drink Lots of Fluids 

Keep that water bottle always at your side, because water will flush out any germs or toxins from your body. It even helps your body fight off any remaining illness you may have. If you have been physically sick or nauseous, don’t chug water; sip on it throughout the day. Tea and other hot drinks can also improve strength. Drinking green tea is great for your body and drinking a bit of chamomile can help you finally get that full night's sleep. 

2. Activity and Exercise 

Get up and move! Go for a short walk at your local park, and pick a day where the sun is shining! Sunlight will be good for you physically and mentally. Lying in a dark room for days sure does dampen your mood. Don’t run a marathon but rather a nice walk. Even that simple workout will energize you, so don't get workout crazy quite yet.

3. Feed Your Body

Don’t reach for that sugary cupcake. Instead, eat foods that will feed your body and help you recover. Stay away from carbs. Try eating toast with a little jam, rice or fruit like apples, oranges (to get your vitamin C) and bananas. If you’ve been physically sick or nauseous, take a couple bites of toast here and there to make sure it agrees with your stomach. 

4. Get Clean

Even if you don’t get out of the house today for a workout, spend the day getting clean. We promise, you will feel a hundred times better! Take a nice long, hot shower. Or how about a bubble bath! If you have a cold, the steam will loosen up mucus. Once you feel clean, you will instantly feel energized. 

5. Sleep

Don’t over estimate the power of sleep. You’ll never get energized after illness unless you sleep it off. Turn off the computer and TV and get to bed!

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