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5-ways-to-have-a-productive-work-day-1A productive work day...

It not only makes you feel better about your time spent throughout the day, but it also helps you to reach your business and personal goals faster. In short, having a productive work day is very important to your life. Even if time management and organization are not your strong points, here are five ways you can ensure that your day goes as planned.

1. Write Down Your Daily Tasks

The best way to organize your day is to work from a list of tasks. Your daily tasks list should include only things that are essential to your work day. You should work through them one by one to ensure that you check off each task and understand exactly what you have left to do in order to have a successful day.

Many people try to keep their daily tasks in their head. The problem with doing that is that even though you may remember them, the ability to cross them off and visualize exactly what you have left to do can become fuzzy if not written down. It is easier to overlook a task or minimize the importance when it is simply floating around in your mind.


2. Set And Manage Due Dates

Every project you have should be assigned a due date. If you do not set a due date to gauge when a project should be completed, then you are not likely to meet it. It is very easy to minimize the important of a task when the due date is 'sometime in the future'.

For instance, if a project is due on Friday, you are more likely to put effort into it from Monday thru Thursday. However, if a project is due sometime in the future, you are more likely to skip over the tasks dedicated to that project and focus on things that are more pressing in your mind.

3. Simplify Procedures

Many people do more steps than they have to in their work day. There are often redundancies or unnecessary steps in procedures that waste time and decrease productivity. Identifying and eliminating these problem areas are at the heart of time management.


4. Set Email And Social Media Limits

Checking your email or Facebook account can become addicting when you are working online or have access to the web. Throughout the day, you can easily waste up to an hour or more by doing this. It is important to set and follow email and social media limits throughout your day in order to be more productive.

While email and social media may need to be checked once or twice throughout the day, it is essential to set limitations so as not to stray away from other important tasks.

5. Monitor Progress

There is no point implementing time management tactics if you are not going to monitor your progress. If you are not moving from point A to point B in your goals as quickly as possible, then you are wasting time.

As you work towards goals throughout your day and week, ensure that you are moving towards them at a good pace. If you find that you are veering away from them or even taking longer than you should to reach them, identify the issues and either eliminate or come up with solutions to fix them.

In the end, a productive work day boils down to time management and organization. The above five tips can help you implement a daily strategy that helps you get as much done as possible throughout your day as efficiently as possible!

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