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5-ways-to-have-great-guest-content-headerContributors to your site can be a major help in the long run. 

Ever since I discovered the true value of guest blogging, I have been contributing guest content for placement in digital magazines, article databases and other blogs. In fact, writing guest content has been one of my top strategies for growing my readership and platform. If you are ready to grow the viewership of your blog, here are 5 ways to have great guest content.

Share Your Story

Maybe you didn't know, but people want to hear your story. Even though you it is important to narrate general content about someone else, sharing your story will definitely appeal to editors and readers. And while most people would prefer to write general content for their blogs or sites, giving them personal content will provide their audience with unique information.

Incorporate Some Personal Twist Or Flair But Don't Exaggerate

Submitting a post that's seemingly odd when placed on someone else's blog may not be a wise thing to do. But if you believe that your style of writing is unique and appealing as well, don't be afraid to give your story a personal twist or flair. Well, to stay safe, we recommend that you take your time to study and analyze the formatting and style of the site you're planning on guest blogging first before submitting your post. After that, you can stick with the style and formatting, but if it presents an opportunity to add a personal twist; well and good, go ahead.

Educate Or Enlighten, Don't Promote Or Sell

Guest blogging is not a platform to promote or sell your products or services. It's, instead, a platform to reach to a new audience. And, if the post you provide to them has nothing edifying or enlightening, then no one will be interested in them. To avoid such an ordeal, it's advisable to always share knowledge or give insights in all your posts. By doing this consistently, your readers will be gradually attracted to you... then your products or services. Better yet, you'll have an opportunity to build trust, which is imperative to a growing business or blog.

Don't Review Or Write Testimonies

Close to being pitchy is an attempt to write testimonies or flattering reviews of any site or product. As logic would question, who will read a post that does nothing but talk about a particular product or site? Now, the worst is when you try to hull flattering reviews of the site you're guest blogging about. In fact, if you’ve been thinking of doing this, just stop. It will probably do you more harm than good.

Searching Social Networks

Lots of guest bloggers usually share some of their trending guest posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other social network. From that list, Twitter has an option to search for trendy tweets and posts. You can easily run a twitter search for "guest posts" and you'll be presented with a list of all guest posts in your industry. Use the tweets to follow the link and find blogs that accept guest content. This can be achieved by running a Google search as well.

If you also own a personal blog or site, create some room for other people to write guest content for your site. To conclude, maybe a last piece of advice will suffice: why don't you write guest content for any site; then, in your own blog, write about the guest content you've written. How does it sound? 

Get more career and business advice from Sylvia via her blog sylviabrowder.com as well as nawomenrise.com!

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