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5-ways-to-honor-caregiversCaregiving month is coming to an end, but you can always help or celebrate a caregiver no matter what time of year.

Through November and onward, we’re happy to honor the countless endearing and selfless caregivers who work to help others each and every day. Whether you know a caregiver yourself or wish to help them in their journey, there is always something you can do to show your appreciation. 

According to The National Family Caregiver Association, “Over 50 million Americans are recognized this month during National Family Caregivers Month. The estimated value of the ‘free’ services provided by these family members caring for loved ones who are frail, chronically ill or disabled is a conservatively estimated to be $200 billion annually.”

Honor a caregiver this month, and beyond, with one of these caring ideas!

1. Help Caregivers With Everyday Needs

Caregivers are devoted to helping others so this month, change that and help them! Maybe they need help with everyday chores like running their own errands or cooking for their own family. Help a caregiver in your life by offering to help with those actions. A great gesture is cooking up some meals like a casserole or filling lasagna that they can freeze and easily reheat on days when cooking is too time-consuming to do. 

2. Give Caregivers Care Packages

Clorox CareConcepts has a variety of care packages that you can give to a caregiver this November. The essence of these packages is to make home healthcare a little easier. The new line of personal care and cleaning products was designed to meet the needs of caregivers so they can feel confident that they are giving the best care, plus the line was developed with healthcare professionals. You can easily put together these packages by purchasing items from Drugstore.com, Walgreens.com, and Amazon, and the line can be found regionally in select CVS, Rite-Aid, and grocery stores. Here are a couple ideas: 

Germ Control Kit

  • Kit contains 5 products for preventing the spread of common home healthcare germs plus a caregiving guide.
  • Includes antimicrobial hand soap, germicidal bleach wipes, disinfecting and deodorizing spray, non-latex gloves, and hand sanitizer. • Kills 99.9% of germs on surfaces that can make you sick.
  • Hand Sanitizer and Antimicrobial Soap are tested for skin safety.

Bed Bath & Hygiene Kit

  • Kit contains 5 products for maintaining hygiene in a home healthcare setting, plus a caregiving guide with step-by-step instructions for giving a bedside bath.
  • Includes no-rinse shampoo, bathing wipes, aloe moisturizing lotion, non-latex gloves, and hand sanitizer. • For giving a bed bath to individuals with limited mobility who cannot take a full bath or shower.
  • Personal care products are tested for skin safety.

3. Get Involved With Their Work

Spend a day in their shoes. Contact groups that you can volunteer with or if you personally know a caregiver, offer to help them with their daily work. You could even volunteer to assist their care recipient, if both the caregiver and care recipient are obliging and you’re prepped for the duty, so they can have a night off and do something fun with their friends or family. You could also start a caregivers support group and get involved with meetings!

4. Publicly Honor Caregivers

You can work with local businesses to offer free services, discounts or meals for caregivers. Share a story about a caregiver you know with your local newspaper or television station. Host a luncheon to honor the caregivers in your life or in your community. A thank you for them goes a long way 

5. Organize an Event

Organize a local event in your community to honor caregivers or a “thank you” event to celebrate all they do. Host a fundraising event where people can donate. Hire an expert in the field of caregiving and host an evening presentation so all those in the community can really get to know who caregivers really are.

To get more ideas for honoring caregivers this November and beyond, and for more care package ideas, visit CloroxCareConcepts.com.

This article is sponsored by Clorox.


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