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This school year, it's time to ditch basic folders, boring notebooks and run-of-the-mill backpacks. Let your child's personality extend all the way to their school supplies! With just a little time, effort and some DIY diva determination, you can make any school supply stand out in a crowded classroom. Here are five ways to totally personalize those school supplies.  

1. Paint Your Pencil Box

Photo Credit: Etsy

When I was in first grade and obsessed with the movie Pocahontas, my arts and crafts loving mother took a paint brush to my plain red pencil box and painted on my favorite Disney princess. I give complete credit to that personalized pencil box as to why as an adult, my desk always remains pristine and organized. I was just so excited anytime I used the box as a kid! If you're worried about your lack of artistic skill messing up the pencil box, don't be. As my favorite PBS painter Bob Ross always says, when it comes to painting, "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents." Also as a backup, Etsy is full of personalized hand painted pencil boxes you can buy. 

2. Jazz Up Your Book Covers

Photo Credit: Until Wednesday Calls 

School text books can have the most boring, generic cover designs, full of random shapes and stock photo models who look way too excited to be wearing goggles and holding empty beakers. You could cover up those boring covers with those stretchy fabric book covers, or you could use a brown paper bag, some calligraphy (or a printer) and turn them into epic Harry Potter themed text books. Or if Harry Potter isn't your style, you could cover your books with maps or felt designs to give them some character. 

3. Add Some Pattern To Your Pens

custom-pens Photo Credit: Madigan Made

It'll be easy to call out any classroom pen thief if your pens stand out from everyone else's writing utensils. All you need are some pens with a clear casing, some bright colored or patterned paper and a bit of free time. Disassemble the pens, cut and roll your paper to fit around the ink tube, and pop it back in to the clear casing. Voila! You now how super cool personalized pens. Check out a full tutorial here

4. Turn Your Notebook Cover Into A Vision Board

vision-boardPhoto Credit: Pie N' The Sky 

Most of us can probably admit that we have more than a few old magazines lying around our homes. Instead of just tossing them into the recycling bin, utilize the fun glossy pictures to create a vision board on your notebook cover. You could cut out all the pictures you want to use in a specific shape to create a cool pattern or you can just go wild and layer your pictures anywhere. Remember with vision board collages, more is more. When you're done, make sure to add a thin layer of mod podge to protect your work! If you need some inspiration, check out this tutorial

5. Take A Sharpie To Your Backpack 

sharpie-backpackSource: Mer Mag Blog 

Having a single color backpack is nice because you know it'll never clash with your wardrobe. However, it can also lack a bit of pizzazz and personality. Thankfully to remedy this situation, all you need is a pack of sharpies. After you find a fun design you like, simply recreate it on your backpack. It takes barely any time and it will make your backpack look effortlessly chic. 

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