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  • SmokefreeMOM is a mobile text messaging service designed for pregnant women across the United States to help them quit smoking. The program provides 24/7 encouragement, advice, and tips to help pregnant women and mothers quit smoking and stay quit. The frequency of messages will vary depending on smoking status; around your quitdate, user can receive up to 10 messages. Users can receive additional quit support by texting one of the SmokefreeMOM keywords.

  • Pills may be the next answer to stop smoking. Called Nicofi, this tiny tablet, the size of a children’s aspirin, is made from pure nicotine yet has none of the stigmas or ingredients associated with smoking: no tar, tobacco, carcinogens, vapors or odors.  Simply put the tablet under your tongue and let it dissolve; nicotine satisfaction occurs in minutes.

  • Use an app!  Stop smoking apps and challenges are easily found on line.  Check out Quitstart, QuitGuide, or NCIC QuitPal for help. 

  • Behavioral therapy with a counselor can help you to stop smoking.  Understanding why and when you smoke will help you change your behavior.

  • Kick the habit cold turkey! 90% of People who quit cold turkey are successful. Just throw out all packs in your possession and don't buy another pack. 

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