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5 Ways To Stop Smoking

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  • SmokefreeMOM is a mobile text messaging service designed for pregnant women across the United States to help them quit smoking. The program provides 24/7 encouragement, advice, and tips to help pregnant women and mothers quit smoking and stay quit. The frequency of messages will vary depending on smoking status; around your quitdate, user can receive up to 10 messages. Users can receive additional quit support by texting one of the SmokefreeMOM keywords.

  • Pills may be the next answer to stop smoking. Called Nicofi, this tiny tablet, the size of a children’s aspirin, is made from pure nicotine yet has none of the stigmas or ingredients associated with smoking: no tar, tobacco, carcinogens, vapors or odors.  Simply put the tablet under your tongue and let it dissolve; nicotine satisfaction occurs in minutes.

  • Use an app!  Stop smoking apps and challenges are easily found on line.  Check out Quitstart, QuitGuide, or NCIC QuitPal for help. 

  • Behavioral therapy with a counselor can help you to stop smoking.  Understanding why and when you smoke will help you change your behavior.

  • Kick the habit cold turkey! 90% of People who quit cold turkey are successful. Just throw out all packs in your possession and don't buy another pack. 

5-ways-to-stop-smokingTobacco cravings can wear you down when you're trying to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. Here are five ways you can use to help you quit smoking for good. You'll save money, have more energy and live longer if you stop. Do it for you and your family!

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