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5-ways-you-are-killing-your-marriage-advice-goes-viralA recent story about how wives can keep their husbands happy has gone viral, with more than 6 million page views to date!

The article title "5 Ways You Are Unknowingly Destroying Your Husband and Killing Your Marriage," was published on FamilyShare.com and has racked up millions of views and shares.

The story, published by author Katelyn Carmen, lists the common reasons that women can unwittingly destroy a marriage, and while she does state that the story is geared towards women she also notes that the same advice applies to men too.

In the story Carmen states: "Don't let the small stuff ruin the things that will bring you the greatest happiness in life."

Some of the common pitfalls for destroying a marriage, according the the author, include living beyond your means... well your husband's means to be exact. Carmen believes taking care of finances is one of the secrets to a happy marriage.

"The best thing you can do as a wife is to live within your husband's means," she says.

The author goes on to say: "Wives, show sincere appreciation and respect to your husband by carefully following a budget and making the most of what you have. Be wise about your finances."

Constant negativity also lists as a reason you could be destroying your marriage. While the author suggests it's fine to have a bad day every once in a while, dumping every negative thought that has happened throughout your day is draining.

"Men like to fix things, and constantly being hounded with complaints makes it difficult for him to help solve your pains."

Carmen also believes that wives not speaking their mind or remaining coy about their feelings can lead to unhappiness in a marriage.

"Don’t waste your time giving subtle hints that he won’t understand: Speak plainly to him. Be honest about your feelings, and don’t bottle things up until you burst. If he asks you what’s wrong, don’t respond with 'nothing' and then expect him to read your mind and emotions."

Other reasons listed for unwittingly destroying marriage include not putting your spouse first and withholding sex.

The article has clearly struck a chord with many thanks to its viral status, and many readers have taken to social media to either criticize or praise the author on these tips. 














Much of the criticism relates to the fact that the story is written about how wives should please their husbands rather than the other way around. However, the author does state at the top of the piece that the advice is applicable to both men and women.

What do you think about Carmen's advice?














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