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5-weight-loss-products-for-a-slimmer-and-healthier-you-videoSlim down and change your lifestyle by adopting healthy habits and the following weight loss products.

Womenforum.com’s Lifestyle Expert Andrea Metcalf learns new and easy ways for providing the body with a healthy serving of vegetables and getting in an effective workout in 20 minutes—anywhere, anytime.

Julie Bashkin recommends the best health and wellness products that keep will keep you fit and slim. 

Healthy Weight Loss Products for Wellness & Fitness

20-Minute Workouts: The TurboFire workout focuses on intense cardio and conditioning. Pack TurboFire’s 20-minute interval sessions while on the road, and you’ll feel great knowing that you'll never have to miss a workout.

Healthy Snacks: Snikiddy chips boost diets and provide the body with a full serving of vegetables per every ounce. Chips are wholesome and the following flavors taste great: Sea Salt & Lime, Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Onion, Jalapeno Ranch and Italian Herb & Olive Oil.

Appetite Suppressant Soft Chews: As a dietary supplement, healthy chews help control the appetite and create the feeling of fullness. Bashkin recommends popping in a chew before dinner to help resist the urge to eat a large portion and go for that calorie-loaded second helping.

Stress-Free Chewing Gum: Rescue Gum is a stress remedy and helps sooth the mind. Managing stress reduces the urge to find food and sweets as a stress-relieving coping mechanism. Chew on a piece of zesty orange gum to feel relaxed and curb the temptation of unnecessary eating, snacking or indulging. 

Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy: Connecting the body with the mind can transform your relationship with food. Visit a hypnosis center to learn how hypnosis for weight loss can connect you to your subconscious mind. Understanding your behavior can radically and healthily change your lifestyle.

Keep in mind exercise and a nutritious diet are also key components.

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