WeirdestbeautytreatmentsWomen turn to mud masks or cucumbers on their eyes to get smooth, gorgeous skin... but would you smear bird poop on your skin or get a fish pedicure?

These five weird beauty trends are hitting service menus in salons and doctors' offices across the country and have even been popularized by celebs. Would you try any of them?

Vampire Blood Facials 

No vampires required for this treatment, but your blood is. Kim Kardashian got a vampire blood facial and swears by it! It involves drawing the patient’s own blood, typically from the arm. Only two teaspoons are needed which are then mixed with chemicals to create platelet rich fibrin matrix, and then injected back into the face. Vampire blood facials are said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Fish Pedicures 

Fish pedicures are quickly becoming more popular. Clients can soak their feet in a tank of water filled with hundreds of Doctor Fish, or Garra rufa fish. They are tiny non-violent fish that will suck off the dead skin and calluses from your feet. But don’t worry, these fish have no teeth and are only interested in your dead skin. States such as Maryland, Texas and Wisconsin have banned this treatment because of hygiene and health concerns. 

Bird Poop Facials 

If you’ve ever wanted that porcelain look to your skin like Japanese geishas, all you need is a little bird poop. Well, bird droppings have been used for centuries as a cleanser. Renowned salons are providing bird poop facials to brave women everywhere. It’s a combo of bird poop, water and rice bran and is applied to the face for that soft, smooth porcelain look. 

Slapping and Punching Massages 

These massages are most popular in Thailand but you can get a slapping or punching massage in the U.S. A beauty therapist will simply just slap your face or punch your bum or breasts. Sounds rude, doesn’t it? Well, it’s actually done to smooth out the skin, diminish wrinkles, tighten the skin, and make your butt and breasts bigger.

Leech Therapy 

Leeches are commonly used for reconstructive surgeries but now are also used for beauty treatments. Demi Moore spoke about having leech therapy to purify and detoxify her blood. Leeches are used on the skin to make it look younger, get rid of pain, heal skin grafts and restore circulation.

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