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There’s a new way to do beauty and young women are on the cusp! Instead of going to magazines for their makeup and hair tips, young women are, no surprise, going digital. Youtube beauty bloggers have become one of the most popular sources for beauty and lifestyle advice and as a result, these young beauty gurus are creating million dollar beauty empires one click at a time. Who are these young women changing a centuries-old industry? Here are five young beauty bloggers to watch and learn.

From Head To Toe

Ever watch a beauty Youtuber who wears gobs of makeup? Jen at From Head To Toe is not this type of blogger. Know for her effortless, gamine look, Jen offers amazing beauty and hair tutorials for the girly girl. A self-described artist for life, Jen is a freelance makeup artist who loves to encourage others to be their true selves.

“My personal belief is that true beauty comes from humility and really loving and accepting ourselves first, then having fun testing the waters and trying new things to boost our confidence,” Jen says on her website. “Makeup should be used to express ourselves and to feel good about ourselves, not as a mask to hide what we are afraid of.”

Ingrid Nilsen

What are the words that can be used to describe Youtube blogger Ingrid Nilsen? Adorable, funny, creative and yes, strong! Although the latest descriptor isn’t usually in a person’s vocabulary when describing a beauty guru, Nilsen has proven herself to be a great role model for young people on the internet. Although she creates great fashion, beauty and DIY videos, Nilsen’s most memorable moment is when she announced that she is gay and dating Youtuber Hannah Hart. In the slanderous world of Youtube commenters, Nilsen’s bravery to show her true self will last for years.

Bethany Mota

Even non-Youtube fans have heard of superstar Bethany Mota. The lifestyle and beauty guru has made millions, yes millions, of dollars with her insanely addictive Youtube videos. Since beginning with haul videos, basically videos that show off a day's worth of shopping, Mota has expanded her brand into a fashion line with American retailer Aeropostale and a nationwide tour. Mota was even named a “Most Influential Teen” by Time Magazine. Even with all of this attention, Mota still sustains a sweet personality and informal tutorial videos.


While Kennedy is FabulousInMaking, she’s also an empire in the making. The young teenager balances being on her high school’s homecoming court while maintaining two Youtube pages with over 179,000 subscribers. With her experienced beauty and hair tips, it’s hard to believe that she is a high school student and not a renowned makeup artist. For those looking for the next big thing in beauty, Kennedy is next in line.

Sazan Barzani

Not only is Sazan Barzani super beautiful, she's also hilarious! This Texan beauty guru offers fashion, beauty and lifestyle tips that are both super helpful and really entertaining. Subscribers will spot a video of Barzani's fall beauty tips alongside a video where her husband hilariously applies her makeup. She is easily the funniest beauty guru around!

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