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worst-pitch-of-all-timeWe are all shaking our heads today after watching 50 Cent pitch the worst throw of all time. 

Well, it seems that rapper 50 Cent can pitch a tune but he can’t pitch a ball. 50 Cent was invited to the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Mets game at Citi Field where he was honored with throwing the first ceremonial pitch of the night. It’s safe to say he didn’t impress. If you haven’t seen the video, you better now! 

50 Cent Misfires at Baseball Game 

His horrible pitch has been circling social media with many saying it was the worst pitch of all time. 50 Cent stood only 6 inches away from home plate and pitched a left-handed toss that flew way wide of Mets catcher Anthony Recker. It wasn’t even close. The ball bounced to the backstop and nearly hit a cameraman. Maybe he should just stick to watching sports at home.

On Instagram he said that he is a hustler, not a baseball player. We all guessed that. He had good form and seemed to have a good arm but when he released that ball, all you could do was laugh. It went way too left!

Do you think 50 Cent’s pitch was the worst of all time? 

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