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17230-dj-earworm-2015-mashupIn celebration with the end of the year approaching — we, with help from DJ Earworm — are looking back at the top fifty songs from the year's wide variety of music. Since 2007, the esteemed DJ, whose real name is Jordan Roseman, has been collaborating and combining the hottest tracks of the year.

This year, he doubled the task and created a mashup of the top fifty songs that accurately showcase 2015. Appropriately named "50 Shades of Pop," the music artist put together a five-minute tune covering everyone's favorite and most popular artists including Taylor Swift, Drake, Adele and Justin Bieber.

It truly was a huge year for music when you think back: Taylor Swift successfully abandoned her country roots for a full-time pop label, Adele dropped her record-breaking album 25, and Justin Bieber initiated his good-boy comeback with the album Purpose.

Roseman tells Billboard, "I try to get a feel of what is in the zeitgeist. Music has been going through a softer phase than it was a few years ago so there's that return of adult contemporary."

He adds, "That's maybe represented by the Ellie Goulding track, it's very lush and soft."

In fact, there is arguably a whole new genre of music rising to the surface. "And then there's sort of retro, uptempo dance stuff, and that's represented by The Weeknd track."

And if you're wondering if Adele made the track due to her tardiness, Roseman assures his fans, "It wouldn't be a year in summary without her."

Check out the mega-mix below.


Photo Credit: Splash

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