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New Medical Technology: The SPIDER Surgical System

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new-treatmentsIf you or someone you know is about to undergo laparoscopic surgery in order to lose weight, a new medical device is set to revolutionize how the surgery is done.

The Spider Surgical System takes what has traditionally been a 3-5 incision procedure and reduced it to one small incision the belly button. Typically laparoscopic surgery is a popular method for bariatric sleeve procedures in order to help people reduce excessive weight quickly and safely.

How the Spider Surgical System Works

The advent of laparoscopic surgery was different than other surgeries in that it allowed a surgeon to make multiple smaller incisions than the historically large ones that were required for certain types of surgical procedures. The advantage for patients was less downtime and smaller incisions which were easier to take care of and were less noticeable. The SPIDER® Surgical Systemworks by providing surgeons the ability to work with multiple instrument channels without having to make a large, or even multiple incisions. Instead, doctors can simply make a small incision. Tiny and flexible tools and instruments are inserted into two different channels, the right and left, that allow the surgeon with dexterity to carry out various tasks, even at one time, throughout surgery. 

“The biggest problem we had with single incision surgery before the advent of the SPIDER Surgical System, was that the space was very limited, that is, you had to have the instruments going into a small surgical site at three or four different directions in order to more effectively triangulate the area to be operated,” explains Dr. Shyam Dahiya, a bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles, California and the nation’s leading expert in the use of the SPIDER Surgical System. “The SPIDER Surgical System takes the three or four instruments and condenses them down into a single rod that enters the surgical site through a small, usually hidden incision in the belly button. Once the System is inside the patient, the ‘branches’ of the instrument are deployed and the procedure is performed. It allows us the best depth-perception possible when performing these various procedures.”

Who Can PerformThe Spider Surgical System?

Dr. Dahiya is amongst the three most experienced surgeons in the United Stated with the SPIDER Surgical System, and his patients are exceptionally pleased with the results. Fabiola Guzman (27) had a friend who underwent a bariatric procedure using the traditional form of laparoscopic surgery. “She was really jealous that I had to have only one incision near my belly button that’s not even noticeable. In addition, the recovery time I went through was far less than my friend went through. I was up and walking around within an hour.”

This new treatment for patients is called the STARR Treatment which stands for Surgical Tiny Access and Rapid Recovery. This move to fewer incisions will grow according to Dr. Dahiya. “I definitely see the role of the SPIDER Surgical System expanding over the next decade” he explains.

Dr. Dahiya says in addition to the exceptional patient outcomes, the SPIDER Surgical System is reliable, consistent and reproducible. For more information, visit Trans Enterix.

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