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6 Date-Night-In Ideas

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  • Wine-Tasting At Home

    Wine-Tasting At Home

    Buy some bottles of different wines and cheese to pair. Before you go shopping, research some other great food pairings with wines you're interested in trying. Have you and your partner sip each wine in a cozy part of your home for the evening while snacking. If you're both about trying new things, this is a great option for a low-key date night.

  • Have A Cooking Competition

    Have A Cooking Competition

    Even if you two are making two opposite dishes, this can be a great idea for a couple. This idea works even better when you can't decide what to have for dinner. Have a really fun reward at the end of the night for whoever creates the best dish.

  • Make The Whole Night About...Bubbles

    Make The Whole Night About...Bubbles

    This is a creative angle and theme to do with your partner. Come up with as many ways to incorporate bubbles into your date-night. Ideas include a bubble bath, make your own soda, bubble desserts, champagne, or a sparkling beverage... you make the list!

  • Stay Up And Watch The Sunrise

    Stay Up And Watch The Sunrise

    If your date-night at home is going so well and it's already 4:00a.m., stay up just a little while longer. Grab a blanket from the couch and setup a little table by the window or on your patio to watch the sunrise. Make a simple breakfast to eat while you enjoy the start of the new day together.

  • Create A Couple’s Bucket List

    Create A Couple’s Bucket List

    Not only will this spark incredible conversation, but maybe you’ll learn some new things about your partner that you never knew, even if you’ve been together for years. Put a small bowl in the middle of you during dinner and tear up tiny pieces of paper for each of you. While eating, talk about things you’re adding to the bucket and when you think you’d like to accomplish them. This is also a great “think-tank” for future date nights for new things you’d both like to try!

6-date-night-in-ideasYou don't have to spend a lot of money on date night with your sweet thang.

Saving money is not a thing of the past. You can still have a fun date with your significant other without breaking the bank. We’re sure some of the best times you’ve spent together were not out on expensive dates, right? Right! So, you can share more special moments with your special someone at home with these romantic date night ideas that won't cost you much.

6 Fun Date-Night-In Ideas

1. Cooking Couple

Whether you two like to cook or not, find something you both want to try and cook it together. Put on some jazz music and grab a bottle of wine you’ve been dying to crack open and enjoy each other’s company. Make sure the kids are at grandma’s so you two can make the most of the night.

2. Night in France or Italy

Grab a few things the country is known for. Rent a French or Italian movie and choose French or Italian cuisine for the night’s dinner and dessert (think fondue or gelato). This won’t cost much and it’ll be a fun theme night for love.

3. Exotic Feeding

Blindfold each other and feed each other exotic foods. Test your palate by having each other guess what they taste. Keep it simple by making all the exotic foods finger food. It won’t create a mess and bite-sized food is always sexier.

4. Private Night Spa

You read it right. Instead of going to a day spa with your girlfriends, have a night spa with your sweetie. Get some massage oil and give each other a full body massage. Light candles, play soft music, and relax.

5. White Carpet Picnic

Who said picnics can’t be sophisticated? You can create the simplest yet sincerest and sweetest night for you and your honey just by laying a white tablecloth on the floor, putting candles down, serving aphrodisiacs, and cooking a nice dinner. Don’t forget aged wine. Call it five-star at home.

6. Create Love Again

Get back to where you both started, before the kids, when you two had to be pulled apart with pliers. Write a poem together expressing what made you two fall head over heels for one another. You can even paint each other with an easel and canvas. Play music for each other. Whatever you do, make something you and the kids can cherish. The poem or portraits can be passed on to them. It will remind them of the love you two share.

All of these date-night-in ideas can be paired with the wine of your choice and dessert. Have fun with each other and enjoy this time together.

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