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These six foods are okay in moderation but if you’re looking to begin a healthier lifestyle, not just a diet, you need to cut these foods out now! Not only can some cause weight gain, but some are dangerous chemicals that you shouldn’t even be ingesting! Remember, it’s not just about that number on the scale. It’s about transforming your life into a healthier one! 

Soda: Every year we promise ourselves that we will cut out soda and one can once in a while is okay. But that doesn't apply to your bucket size soda the other day at the movie or your pitcher at the bowling alley. It has a ton of sugar, which can lead to unnecessary weight gain, but it also contains high fructose corn syrup and other dangerous chemicals. 

High Calorie Drinks: Quit drinking your daily amount of calories in your soda, energy drink, weight loss shakes, fruit juices or morning lattes. Replace all your drinks with good ol’ water and actually eat your calories, in a healthy way. 

Canned Meats: Canned meat contains a ton of sodium and large amounts of nitrate. Go for fresh meat, even if it’s less convenient. 

Refined Flour: Go for whole grain pasta or bread instead of white bread or white pasta. Refined flour is one of the unhealthiest things you can put into your body. It’s bleached and bromated, and could even be carcinogenic.

Instant Rice: It boils so quickly in those little baggies but instant rice has a lot of sodium and preservatives. Rice is a great grain for your body so go for something a little healthier. 

Artificial Sweeteners: Stay away from diet soda, artificial sweeteners in your coffee and even baked goods. Find another way to add a little sweetness to your baked goods or coffee like honey or maple syrup. If you find labels in your home with aspartame and sucralose, toss it right away!  


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