6-fun-facts-about-deodorant-headerLadies, there's nothing funny about embarrassing body odor or sweat.

Still, we’re making it a little fun and giving you things you probably don’t know about it, but should! Here are some interesting facts about deodorant that might keep you from wondering how the wonderful little stick works!

applying-deodorant-What You Should Know About Deodorant 

1. Earwax Indicator

Your earwax tells you if you REALLY need deodorant or not! Brace yourself and try this trick to find out. If your earwax is white and flaky, save money and get rid of your deodorant! But, if it’s dark and sticky, you definitely want to keep your deodorant around. 

2. Make Your Own!

You can actually make your own deodorant! All it takes is plant oils and extracts that have antibacterial substances in them. While this doesn’t stop all odors, it’s simply a fun fact to know. If the idea of DIY deodorant really catches your eye, check out more details on how to make it here.

3. Gender Doesn't Matter

If you’ve been keeping your love for men’s deodorant to a secret, let it out! Deodorant has the same impact for males and females, no matter what the packaging says. In fact, the gender-themed deodorants are just a (smart) promotional tactic from companies. The only difference between the two are the scents and containers. Here’s a bonus fact: Women have more sweat glands than their male counterparts. But, men’s sweat glands actually make more sweat than women. 

4. Yellow Stains Have Nothing to Do With Deodorant

Those disgusting and irritating yellow armpit stains on your favorite white tee and light blouse might have nothing to do with the kind of deodorant you use. Actually, it’s not really clear where they come from. But, there is one suspected culprit: antiperspirants with aluminum-based ingredients. Their interaction with anything from sweat and skin to laundry detergent allegedly creates that terrible and embarrassing discoloration in your clothes. 

5. Deodorant Kills Bacteria

Deodorant is actually good for more than preventing body odor. Ironically, it kills bacteria that produces the smell. Its role is to stop the smell from being produced before it goes too far. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, is what tackles the sweat.

Whatever kind of deodorant you use, it’ll get the job done for you and maintain your desired freshness!

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