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6-Healthy-Smoothie-IngredientsMake your daily smoothie yummy and nutritious with these daily add ins.

There’s nothing like a cold, fruity smoothie on a hot summer’s day. Popular in the foodie world now, smoothies are being praised as a delicious and nutritious meal replacement for those trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. One thing that can be tricky is buying a smoothie at a local shop because you may not know what ingredients they used to make it taste sweeter and almost “too good” to be healthy. So we took some time to dissect some tricks on how to make your homemade smoothie healthy and delicious.

The best thing to do is to make it yourself at home and either sip it around the house or take it to go to sip in the sun. Here are some healthy smoothie ingredients to add to your delicious drink to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients that you need for your meal.

Chia Seeds

Often consumed through those delicious Kombucha drinks, chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fats which aid in heart health, and are full of fiber which help with the digestive system. They’re also a source of calcium, which is great for those who skip on the dairy when making smoothies. Chia seeds are easy to consume because of how thick and jelly they get when mixed within a liquid.

Maca Powder

Ever wondered how your day would be like without caffeine? Well, maca powder is a great source of not caffeine, but of energy. It’s also rich in vitamin B, C, and E, and provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. That’s just the beginning! It’s also known to help clear your skin, balance your mood, helps restore red blood cells, and even boost libido in men and women.


Let’s be honest, we all try to lead a healthier lifestyle by trying to cram in as much veggies and leafy greens as we can, but sometimes it can be quite difficult. When making your smoothie, try to add a handful of kale or spinach to get those extra vitamins and minerals that your body needs every day. Still don’t like the feeling of leaves in your smoothie? Go out and buy a liquid or powder alternative so that you still get the benefits, just not the leaf consistency in your drink.


Praised by fitness junkies everywhere, coconut has a lot to offer our bodies. Adding coconut water to smoothies in place of other liquids provides us with fat-free hydration and electrolytes. You can also add unsweetened coconut-based milks for a thicker base, and even coconut oil which provides energy and healthy fats for nutrient absorption.

Flax seed

Just like chia seeds, it’s one of the healthiest foods ever that may actually help reduce your risk against heart disease and diabetes. Rich with fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, each great in promoting digestive and heart health, this seed is a must for your smoothies! Make sure to purchase ground up flax to ensure you get all the fatty acids.

All of these ingredients are not only great for your body due to all the benefits, but they are also easy to find. Next time you’re out at your local health foods store, make sure to purchase these ingredients for the healthy smoothies you’ll be making all summer long. Before you know it, you’ll be a smoothie pro.

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