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6-must-haves-this-football-seasonTime to bust out the taco dips and tattered jerseys... football season is here!

It’s that time again, friends. That time when grown men take to the field in tight pants to fight over a small leathery ball, while other grown people scream at their televisions and consume way too much pizza. What’s not to love?! This football season, don’t just be the hostess with the mostest – be the fan with the mostest, too.

6 Must-Haves for Football Game Day Parties

1. Football Slow-Cooker

I mean, seriously. What was football game snacking even like before a football-shaped slow-cooker? Keep your enchilada dip warm in this deliciously appropriate cookware.

2. Team Blankets All Around

The best part about football season is the changing weather, right? A football game on a chilly, cozy autumn afternoon demands a good blanket... or hoodie... or both! Let’s take a moment and thank the genius behind the team-themed blanket, who has now made it possible to root for our team, keep warm, and stay up on the latest couch-lounging fashion all at once.

3. Rival Team Cornhole (or "Bags") Sets

You and I might be rivals at naming this game, because I understand some ne'er-do-wells call it bean bag toss? I’m not sure what kind of nonsense that is, but I am sure that there are lots of fun rival NFL team-themed cornhole sets out there. Because why not take the irrational anger at another team’s fan out to the backyard, as well?


4. Football Pillow

It’s soft AND it’s shaped like a football. Not sure what else you need to know, but just picture this: living room catch during commercials. You’re welcome.

5. Football Chew Toy

If you really want to take the theming thing to a whole new level, AND you want to include man’s best friend in the tradition, give him this football-shaped chew toy. Now you’ve all got pigskin fever. And loving it.

6. Chicken Wings

Lots of chicken wings. Make them yourself with our great recipe or order them out, but don’t get docked hostess points by forgetting this one crucial ingredient to the perfect football party. Get that local wing place on speed dial and repeat this mantra to yourself: there can never be enough wings.


Football is a delightfully American tradition and a great family tradition as well. Sure, there’s passion and grit involved, but let it be a fun escape for you, too. Fill that living room with the people you love and these football party must-haves and you’ll be yelling at the ref along with everyone else in no time.

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