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  • 6 Office Hacks Every Working Girl Should Try

    6 Office Hacks Every Working Girl Should Try

    Is your office feeling a little drab and boring lately? Check out these office hacks to make your work life a little more colorful!

  • DIY De-Clutter

    DIY De-Clutter

    Tired of all that mess on your desk? I bet there are days where you go into work and wonder how some of that stuff even got there. Well, if you are hesitant of throwing anything away, look no further than this DIY desk organizer. Hang it above your desk or on the wall of your cubicle and you’ll be sure to impress your colleagues. 

    Click here to learn how to make it!

    Photo Credit: Design Sponge

  • Glam Your Keyboard

    Glam Your Keyboard

    Drab laptop no more! We all know that a cute computer case can brighten up a desk space, but how about taking it a step further and jazzing up your computer keys! Decals can make typing up that lengthy, end-of-day report more fun than you ever thought. Plus, the options for what colors you want your keys to be are endless.

    Click here to find your colorful key decals!

    Photo credit: MixedDecal on Etsy 

  • Bring Back The Good Times

    Bring Back The Good Times

    Sometimes scrolling through Instagram and looking at pictures can make you feel like you are reliving some great times. Bring those great memories to the office by making your own Instagram magnets. They'll give your office a piece of your personality, and relax you by having some personal mementos in sight. 

    Click here to learn how to make them!

    Photo Credit: Lisbeth Ortega/Photojojo

  • Binder Clips To The Rescue

    Binder Clips To The Rescue

    Binder clips are always super useful for clipping large stacks of paper, but they can do so much more! Utilize your binder clips to help make your desk a more organized space. When wires around your desk become unruly and start to tangle, use your binder clips to help keep those crazy wires where they need to be!

    Check out this hack here!

    Photo Credit: Life Hack

  • Become The Office Chef (Kind Of)

    Become The Office Chef (Kind Of)

    There is nothing better in your work day than knowing you have an awesome lunch waiting for you. Instead of spending money on lunch, impress your coworkers with a homemade and healthy lunch in a jar! It is super quick to make and allows you to do a tiny bit of cooking in the office.

    Check out this hack here

    Photo Credit: The Londoner

  • Beautify Your Seat

    Beautify Your Seat

    Warning: please only use this hack if your boss allows you to. Yes, we want your office to look very beautiful but redecorating without permission could lead to trouble.

    However, if you are allowed to do this make your chair a little prettier! New fabric can bring life to your desk and give you a theme to base your space on. Best of all, it is way easier to complete than it looks!

    Learn how to switch up your desk decor here!

    Photo Credit: Practically Functional

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