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  • 6 Retro Hairstyles Fashion Loves

    6 Retro Hairstyles Fashion Loves

    Photo Credit:,, The Zoe 

    Retro hairstyles have had a renaissance in fashion. From box braids to pastel hair, fashion is looking to the past for their hair trends!

  • 1960's Pastel

    1960's Pastel

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  • 1960's Bardot Bump

    1960's Bardot Bump

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  • 1970's Afro

    1970's Afro

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  • 1970's Boho Fringe

    1970's Boho Fringe

    Photo Credit: Vogue Spain, The Zoe

  • 1990's Slight Wave

    1990's Slight Wave

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  • 1990's Boxed Braids

    1990's Boxed Braids

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